A great difference exists among "saying to be ecological" and " to be ecological " indeed. Our entity possesses at present 126 Hás. approximately ecological certification. Likewise, our facilities possess ecological certification - number of certification 6643 I - what allows us to commercialize our productions under the brand "Ecocítricos del Andarax".

Our partners also belong to organisms of control attestors, which control and regulate all his ecological production. Evidently all our farmers you have his corresponding numbers of certificates.

It is important to indicate that besides the controls that realize the organisms of control, it is the technical department of the S.A.T. who controls and advises with the teneduría of the field book, having an information completes of all the processes realized during the campaign. The guarantee that we offer to our clients is not to leave anything to the improvisation, but on the contrary everything is planned and controlled.

Also there will be included the emblems of the ecological culture, both national and international.

We have varieties as salustiana, castellana, navelína, navel, lane-late y valencia late.




Two certifications that S.A.T. Citruses of the Andarax arrange to the commercialization of ECOCITRICOS.



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Fax. 950.645.331
04560 - Gador (Almería)
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