agricultura ecologica

At present the S.A.T. Cítricos del Andarax possesses among of members 70 given associates of discharge in Ecological Agriculture an inscribed surface of 126 Hás.: during the campaign 2004-2005 commercialized 1.500.000 kg of oranges with destiny to industry and 200.000 kilos that have been commercialized in fresh air under the brand "Ecocítricos del Andarax". For the next campaign is foreseen to duplicate these quantities.

With this type of agriculture one has managed to increase in a considerable way the final price that the associate receives; as well as that this one has access to important helps that the European Union offers the farmers who have your developments certified like ecological. (468,00 €/Hás. per year - it is required a surface superior to the 5000 metros2 - during a period of five years).



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